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07 May 2013 @ 11:08 am
I'm sorry for my lack of updates everywhere. It has been absolutely insane the passed couple of years. My mom has been real ill, I've been working full time with no time off to do any of the fun Astrology based things I used to do. I shall not say I will call a quits though. But I don't know when I'll have time to post.

I will update with goodies soon, keep yourselves posted over at kpopastrology.tumblr.com as well.

27 February 2011 @ 03:31 am
Still under major construction~

This community (just as the tumblr) will consist of Astrology based entries revolved around artists in the K-Pop world. It will have all sorts of goodies from comparisons in birth charts, personalities, to their sun signs.

We may know of our sun sign, but one’s horoscope doesn’t end there. I created this community as an attempt to practice Astrology and Numerology. It’s fun and a profitless approach.

For more information on getting your own birth chart and the like you can always send something in my ask OR go to my personal tumblr empressarcana. In this case you can PM me any concerns over at _superherogirl_.

I provide other services, but this blog in particular is just for fun and no money is being made from this. :)
I can also take requests for certain Kpop artists, just stay tuned.

Note: Madame Gwiboon is actually an inside joke thing I have. Key from SHINee in a fanfic I’m writing is a gypsy prisoner in a circus of illusions, forced to dress in womens attire by his master. If you’re interested in checking that out, check out my writing journal ► cheeesecat. /shameless plug
For Tarot readings and other related topics join empressreadings as well. For more information in general go to my personal tumblr empressarcana.tumblr.com

I'll continue to edit this intro as I see fit. As you can all see this was basically a copy/paste from the tumblr of the same name. :) I'll also have a suggestions box post where you can post any concerns/suggestions for future posts. I want to make this a successful community and have plenty of fun along the way. I love analyzing in the form of Astrology/Numerology/Tarot/et cetera, so I know I'm gonna go pretty far with this idea. lol

Also, this is just a temporary layout... kpopastrology will feature Key for the time being. :DDD You can also add/watch madamegwiboon for interesting quotes and posts in general. I really liked gypsy!Key's character in my story so I gave him a journal because he was begging for one. If you ask nicely he might also read your fortune. ;)

Until next time, loves~

P.S. First victims group of kpoppers I'm working on is SHINee, specifically Key and Jonghyun. So JongKey shippers stay tuned. I find that what I have so far is going to spur up SO MUCH MORE fanfiction. :) They indeed are the perfect combination.
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23 February 2011 @ 05:11 pm